Court Advocacy & Accompaniment


Friend to Friend’s Court Advocacy Program assists with:

  • Filling out Domestic Violence Protective Orders (50-B & 50-C forms)

  • Helping understand the multiple forms, requirements, and procedures of the court system

  • Explaining what to expect during the process

  • Accompanying any domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking clients as a Court Advocate to their court appointment

What is a Dvpo? (domestic violence protective order)

A Domestic Violence Protective Order, often called a “DVPO” or a “50B order,” is a court order that requires a perpetrator of domestic violence to stay away from the victim. Law enforcement can arrest the perpetrator on the spot for violating the order. In North Carolina, a “permanent” DVPO can last for up to one year, but can be renewed for up to two years at a time.