How do I file a DVPO?

Restraining Order Process

Step One:

Pick up a blank copy of 50-B or 50-C forms from the Clerk of Court located on the first floor of the Moore County Court House Located at 102 Monroe St, Carthage NC 28327 and is open 8 AM- 5PM (approximately 15 minutes) 

* Phones are not allowed in the Court House**There is no cost**No ID needed* 

  • From the courthouse walk across the street to Friend to Friend we can help you fill out the forms. (101A Monroe St., 830AM-3PM, approximately 1 minutes to 2 hours +)

 * You Must have address of the defendant in order to serve*


50-B must meet relationship requirement:  

  • Spouse or ex-spouse,

  • A person of the opposite sex with who you live or used to live, 

  • Parent, grandparent, child, grandchild, 

  • Someone with whom you have a child in common, 

  • Current or former household member, 

  • Someone of the opposite sex whom you are dating or have dated. 

Must be able to attest to harassment or abuse (physical, verbal, or, sexual). 


You can seek protection with a 50-C from any individual that you have NOT…

  • Dated

  • Lived with

  • Are child, parent, or grandparent

  • Had a child with

  • Been married to

If a non-consensual sexual offense has not occurred, then there must be two occurrences of harassment, staking, or abuse.

Return to Clerk to file forms before 3pm (Approximately 1 hour to 4 hours)

  • Judge will review what you have written. 

  • Ex Parte (temp order remains in place till court date) order will be granted or not granted.

  • You will be given a court date.  

Optional: Return to Friend to Friend with the entire filed copy of 50B or C so we can assist with a Legal Aid referral.