Friend to Friend Stories


Khya’s Story


“My name is Khya. I am 15 years old. This is my first year of high school. I had actually turned 15 here at Friend to Friend. I am the oldest child out of 4 kids. I have twin sisters and a brother. I also have an amazing beautiful strong mother. She’s the best. 

            Here at Friend to Friend I have learned to always be kind because kindness goes a long way. You never know what’s going on in a person’s life so you should always be kind to people. 

The staff here has brought out a different side of me that I have not seen before in a long time. They are very welcoming and makes me feel loved! If everybody gets and gives the love that the Friend to Friend staff has giving me and my family, the world would be a much better place. 

            They took vs in when we didn’t have nothing and nobody else did and has been there ever since. I thank God everyday for bringing us 8 hours to them”. 



A Mother’s Story

“My daughter and I sought help from Friend to Friend through counseling and advocacy. My daughter always hated Christmas and refused to celebrate it for many years because it was when her father was most violent.  I couldn’t understand why holidays and her birthdays were the worst.

He finally disappeared right before she had major spinal surgery. When she and I returned home after the hospital, mid-summer, he had turned off all the utilities and hadn’t paid the rent in months.  Through counseling, I learned about his personality disorders.  He took a “sudden” interest in our daughter for visitation (and would leave her alone with no food).  He continually stalked the both of us and kept me in court every 3 months for 7 years, until she turned 18 (and still took me to court for adult visitation). 

Friend to Friend was my first step in healing and understanding that it doesn’t matter what the reasons are, no one deserves that treatment, and you can’t “cure” your abuser. Psychiatrists rarely can.

So at this time of year, when it used to be the worst for us, I’m sending some little lotions and things from both of us. (By the way, I managed to get my daughter through college and she’s now a newborn nurse)”.