Coping for Children

Both Moore County Department of Social Services and Friend to Friend can help with coping skills that will assist children that have experienced trauma.

Social Services: 910-947-2436   Crisis Line: 910-947-3333   Office Line: 910-947-1703

Signs in Younger Children

  • Aggressive play
  • Fear of leaving adults’ company
  • Irritability
  • Nightmares
  • Stomach aches

Signs in Older Children

  • Drug or alcohol use
  • Risk-taking behaviors
  • Sadness and anger
  • School absences
  • Sleeping/eating changes
  • Withdrawal

Steps to Take

  • Anticipate days or other reminders of the traumatic event. 
  • Talk with children about how they would like to acknowledge them.
  • Be flexible, but maintain your child’s routine.
  • Help your child with deep breathing, holding soothing objects, and listening to music.
  • Reassure your child that there is no right or wrong way to react.
  • Rehearse safety measures with your children. 
  • Know what to do and how to contact loved ones.
  • Talk to children about their worries and encourage them to express their feelings.
  • Understand that children carefully observe adults. They will find comfort in seeing adults use effective coping skills.
  • Younger children may need more of your patience and a few extra hugs, while older children may also need reminders that adults are there to help.

Friend to Friend

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