Abusive Relationships

If your boy/girlfriend is doing anything that makes you feel disrespected, it may be a sign that something about your relationship is not cool. We all deserve to be in loving, respectful, and healthy relationships! If you are in an abusive relationship, call the Friend to Friend Crisis Line 24/7.

Signs of Abuse

  • Act jealous or possessive, like tell you who to hang out with or what to wear?
  • Act physically aggressive towards you or not respect your personal space, like hold, pinch, grab, kick or shove you, or give you ‘light’ punches?
  • Follow you around, give you unwanted gifts, leave you threatening messages on your cell or email, all of which are forms of stalking?
  • Isolate you from people that you may usually count on for support, like friends or family?Make threats to hurt you or someone you care about?
  • Pressure you sexually, such as touch you or force you to have sex against your will?
  • Say things like: "I only do it because I love you,” "If only you would do what I tell you...” or "You asked for it” and other things that are blaming and manipulative?
  • Spread rumors about you, insult you in front of friends or do anything else that is meant to make you feel bad about yourself?
  • Steal money from you, or intentionally break something valuable of yours, like an iPod or jewelry?Threaten to hurt him/herself if you want to end the relationship?

Friend to Friend

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